Northeast Kansas County Comissioners declare May Mental Health Month.

David Elsbury, CEO of Kanza Mental Health and Guidance Center presented Brown, Doniphan, Nemaha and Jackson County commissions with a proclamation for Mental Health Month.  The signed proclamation declares the importance of mental health awareness in communities and how everyone plays a vital part in mental health success.  This year’s theme for Mental Health month is Risky Business – a call to educate our communities about habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating a mental illness.

Brown County Commission; Pictured left to right David Elsbury, Kanza CEO, County Commissioner Dwight Kruse, Steve Roberts, and Keith Olsen

Doniphan County Commission; Pictured left to right Jerry McKernan, Tim Collins, Thad Geiger, and Kanza CEO, David Elsbury

Jackson County Commission; Pictured left to right Commissioner  William Elmer, Rob Ladner, Kanza CEO, David Elsbury and Commissioner Janet Zwonitzer

Nemaha County Commission. Pictured left to right:  County Commissioner Tim Burdiek, Dennis Henry, Kanza CEO David Elsbury, and Commissioner Gary Scoby.