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Employee Shoutout: Vivian Mosier

We would like to take a moment to recognize one of our amazing and talented mental health therapists, Vivian Mosier, LPC. In addition to providing high-quality counseling and services at Kanza Mental Health Center on a full-time basis, she is an advocate and contributor to ongoing research and education in the field.

She has presented at the American Art Therapy Association Conference in 2018 on Diversity and Inclusion in Graduate Schools, and she will present this year on Self-Care for Clinicians of Color. She has also presented on the topic of mindfulness at the 2020 Kansas Art Therapy Assocation Conference and presented at the Kansas Counseling Association on Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education. She is on the multicultural committee for the American Art Therapy Assocation.

Vivian's work has been referenced in the latest Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association and she is currently working on another piece looking at the use of mindfulness in self-care as a prevention tool rather than aftercare for clinicians. We are both privileged and honored to have Vivian part of our clinical team at Kanza and look forward to all that she accomplishes in her career.

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