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KANZA Provides Free Access To Mental Health Tools

Thanks to generous donors, KANZA Mental Health is offering 24 hour, FREE, anonymous,

emotional support tools to all community members! No insurance or appointment needed.

Having a bad day? Unsure how to handle stress from work, family, social situations, or the


Simply go to KANZA’s website at and click on the button labeled visit us.

Emotional Support Tools available include:

  • Active Listeners: A pool of over 440,000 trained volunteers with a wide variety of backgrounds available from which to choose. They provide an empathetic listening experience and one on one support.

  • Community: A vast community of users working together to provide a supportive and understanding forum.

  • Therapeutic Exercises: There are 35+ Growth Paths available. These include educational and therapeutic exercises to teach coping skills.

Who is 7 Cups? 7 Cups is an innovative company known for its reputation of removing barriers

to getting support. They have been recognized as a mental healthcare innovation leader by

Stanford, Duke, Carnegie Mellon University, and Harvard among many others.

We are fortunate to live and work in a community that understands the importance of good

mental health! KANZA is proud to offer free emotional support tools as a way of furthering our

mission of providing hope for a healthier tomorrow.

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