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Youth Community Services

Kanza offers specialized and intensive Community-Based Services (CBS) to youth who live in Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, or Nemaha counties. These services are provided in the child’s home, school, daycare, or place of work.​ To be eligible for these services, youth must have an evaluation by a therapist to ensure that they meet criteria: Children and adolescents, who exhibit significant emotional or behavioral challenges that significantly impair their daily functioning and well-being, otherwise referred to as Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED). This title involves meeting specific criteria, including a diagnosed mental health disorder with symptoms severe enough to interfere with various aspects of life, such as home, school, and community settings. Interventions will take place in personalized settings such as home, school, and the community.




CBS Services

Targeted Case Management – designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to young people facing mental health challenges. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in working with youth and their families to navigate the complexities of the mental health care system and access the resources they need to thrive. Through personalized care plans and advocacy, we help youth and their families connect with community resources, access treatment services, and develop the skills necessary for success. 

Psychiatric Rehabilitation – dedicated to helping individuals with mental health challenges build the skills and confidence needed to lead fulfilling lives. Our team of professionals works closely with each person to focus on their unique strengths and goals within their treatment plan. Through a variety of supportive services, including education, vocational training, social skills development, and community integration, we empower individuals to overcome barriers and achieve greater independence. Our goal is to provide the tools and support necessary for individuals to thrive in their communities and live meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Social Emotional Skill Building – Through tailored activities and interventions, children learn to identify and manage their emotions, establish and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible decisions. By fostering these skills, SESB helps children build a strong foundation for academic success and overall well-being, empowering them to navigate life's challenges effectively.

Outpatient Therapy and Medication Services – These services include personalized therapy sessions to help children develop coping skills, manage emotions, and overcome challenges, combined with careful medication management when necessary. The goal is to support children's emotional and psychological well-being, enhance their daily functioning, and promote a healthy, balanced development within their community environment.

Population served: Ages 3-21

Additional SED Waiver Program

Our Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) Waiver Program provides additional services designed to support eligible youth who are at increased risk of serious life disruption due to their mental health challenges. It offers specialized intensive support to children, enabling them to stay within their homes and communities. These children require increased attention due to elevated needs, stemming from disruptions in social, academic, and emotional functioning caused by their mental health conditions. Both parents and children actively participate in the SED Waiver program.

  • Parent Support:

    • Offer family members and caretakers the necessary support to establish a safe and stable environment for the child within both the home and the community.

  • Short Term Respite Care:

    • During particularly challenging and stressful times within a family, respite care offers a reprieve for both the client and the family. This service can be arranged through an agency from another county or even through a specialized family caregiver.

  • Independent Skills Building:

    • When a client reaches the age of 16 or older, this service enables CBS staff to focus on teaching the client essential skills needed for adulthood, including securing housing, maintaining employment, and more.

Population served: Ages 4-18​

  • Empowering Families

    • CBS seeks to empower individuals and families by providing them with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to make informed decisions and take control of their well-being. This includes promoting self-advocacy, self-care, and autonomy.​

  • Community Integration

    • By providing services within the community, CBS promotes community integration and social inclusion for individuals with mental health challenges. This helps to reduce stigma and isolation and fosters a sense of belonging and connectedness.​

  • Enhancing Adaptably

    • CBS aims to enhance individuals' functioning and adaptability in various areas of life, including home, school, work, and social settings. The goal is to support individuals in developing the skills and strategies needed to navigate daily challenges and thrive in their environments.​

  • Preventing Escalation of Problems

    • CBS strives to prevent the escalation of emotional or behavioral problems by to intervening early to address issues before they worsen. By providing timely and targeted support, CBS aims to minimize the negative impact of mental health challenges and prevent crises.​


Kanza utilizes CBS Services to offer comprehensive, individualized care that addresses the unique needs of children, empowering them to achieve their fullest potential through integrated support, therapeutic interventions, and strong community connections. By providing accessible, family-centered support and services, we foster resilience, emotional health, and positive social relationships.

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