Accessing Services

Accessing Services at Kanza Mental Health and Guidance Center

To schedule services, please call for an intake assessment (785) 742-7113 Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  You will speak to a team member who will gather needed information to provide services and then schedule an appointment for you with a licensed therapist for an initial intake appointment at either our Hiawatha or Holton office.  At your intake appointment, the therapist will provide you with an evaluation and a treatment plan that best suits your needs.


Emergent Services

For mental health emergencies, please call our Kanza crisis line at 785-742-3666 for immediate assistance 24/7.  Persons who call ahead or present with a mental health emergency at the Hiawatha or Holton offices are seen that same day by a licensed clinician to assess the emergency and provide services and interventions needed for stabilization.  For mental health emergencies after business hours, or for those who cannot present at the Hiawatha and Holton offices, persons are encouraged to call the Kanza crisis line at 785-742-3666 and you will be connected to a crisis clinician for assistance.


Outpatient Services

Outpatient services are available to help people overcome mental health and emotional problems. These include depression, anxiety, phobias, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, family problems, grief and loss, anger, aggression, parenting issues, dealing with divorce, and other interpersonal problems.


The following services are available:

Therapy – In therapy, you and your licensed therapist will work on solving current problems and giving you helpful tools for coping with life's difficult circumstances. Therapy can include individual, family, or couples and is provided for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Some of the issues that are addressed in therapy include stress, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, and relationship problems. For children and adolescents, therapy can help with school, emotional, and behavioral problems, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and depression, divorce and family issues, aggression, and abuse. 

Medication Services – Kanza offers psychiatric medication evaluation and treatment services for children, adolescents, and adults.

Addiction Services – KANZA Partners with Mirror Inc. in providing addiction services in the Kanza Hiawatha, Holton, and Troy office locations. Please talk to your Kanza provider for a referral.  mirrorinc.org


Youth Services

Kanza Mental Health offers Community Based Services (CBS) to youth between the ages of 3 and 22. These are specialized and intensive services that are done in our offices, the child’s home, school or daycare, or place of work.

To be eligible for these services, children must have an evaluation by a therapist to ensure that they meet criteria.  To schedule an evaluation, please contact our office at 785-742-7113.

The following services are available:

Targeted Case Management – This service helps children and families find other resources that may be beneficial to their individual needs. It is the service that ties all other services together in a coordinated way.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment – This service is the day to day, hands on, face to face activities between the child and the CBS Staff person.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Group – This is a therapeutic group activity. Designed to help kids learn better ways to interact with others.

Summer Success – This is a program to continue progress during the summer.  Our team holds several extended psychosocial treatment group sessions aimed at building skills in a fun way.

Wrap-Around Planning and Facilitation – Wrap-Around Planning is a specialized process in which parents, guardians, or caretakers work closely with a Wrap-Around Facilitator to ensure a consistent approach to improving the child’s emotional, educational, and social development, adjustment, and success.

Attendant Care – Attendant care is designed to provide one-on-one supervision at home, school, or in the community. Attendant care can be either routine or crisis based.

Respite Care – Respite Care is reserved for those SED children who are on the Medicaid Waiver. Respite Care is designed to give parents or other caretakers a break. A respite care worker can provide this service in the child’s home or some other location, depending on the situation.


Adult Services

If a client meets the qualifications for Community Services, they can be referred to our Community Support Services program by a licensed Therapist.

The Community Support Services (CSS) program provides a broad array of community based services and support for residents of Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, and Nemaha Counties who live with a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness. CSS is designed to provide long term support in the community for individuals with Mental Illness.

The purpose of our Mental Health Rehabilitation Services is to assist people in recovering and reclaiming their lives by identifying, securing, and sustaining the range of resources needed to live, work, and play as fully integrated citizens of the communities in which they live. It is based on a set of core principles that in part, value the unique strengths of every individual involved in services.

The best place for CSS services is in the community in which the individual lives and works. Through a community based approach Case Managers are able to directly assist in accessing helpful community resources, teach daily living skills in the living/ working environment, as well as observe and assist in learning coping skills and social skills, needed to develop healthy relationships within the communities in which they live.

The following services are available:

CSS Transportation – This service is designed to provide transportation, primarily rides to and from KANZA appointments and any other mental health related appointments, when no other transportation options are available.

Education – Many individuals have a desire to return to college, apprenticeships, or complete high school thru GED or School of Success (SOS) after their education was interrupted during the onset of mental illness. Others wish to continue college to enhance their employment opportunities. CSS offers emotional support to those who are in the CSS program who wish to continue their education.

Family Involvement – Mental Illness impacts more than just the person with a diagnosis, it also affects their loved ones. Research indicates that family psycho-education reduces family stress and strain and helps to improve the lives of people living with serious mental illness. CSS actively collaborates with local groups who provide support to families. Our staff attempts to engage consumers’ loved ones in various stages of the recovery process, and to enhance their understanding of the family’s experience.


Emergency Services

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