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24/7 Crisis Services


We offer crisis intervention services to help individuals manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors during times of distress. Our goal is to provide a supportive and calming presence to help de-escalate the situation.



Kanza offers 24/7 Crisis Services for anyone in Brown, Doniphan, Jackson, and Nemaha counties who is experiencing a mental health crisis. Please call our Kanza crisis line at 785-742-3666 for assistance. This line has trained staff available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to provide crisis support. 


Persons who call the crisis line or walk in to our Hiawatha or Holton office locations with a mental health emergency are seen that same day by a licensed clinician to assess the emergency and provide services and interventions needed for stabilization.


For mental health emergencies after business hours, or for those who cannot make it to the Hiawatha or Holton office locations, individuals are encouraged to call the Kanza crisis line at 785-742-3666 to be connected to a crisis clinician for assistance.​​


Our goal is to provide compassionate and effective care to individuals and families in crisis, helping them to find hope, support, and a path forward toward recovery.

Information About Crisis Services:

  • Screening and Risk Assessment - Our trained professionals conduct thorough screenings and risk assessments to evaluate the severity of the crisis and determine the appropriate level of care needed.

  • Crisis Therapy - Our crisis therapists provide short-term therapy and intervention services to address immediate concerns and provide coping strategies to manage the crisis.

  • Mobile Crisis Response – At your request, our mobile crisis response team is available to provide on-site assistance and support for individuals experiencing crises in the community. Whether it's at home, school, or work, our team will come to you to provide the help you need.

  • Crisis Case Management - We offer crisis case management services to help individuals navigate the mental health system, access resources, and develop a plan for ongoing support and treatment.

  • Crisis Stabilization - Our crisis stabilization services provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to receive short-term care and stabilization during a crisis. We focus on helping individuals regain a sense of control and stability while connecting them with additional resources and support services.

  • Crisis Stabilization Unit (The Guiding Lights Center, Leavenworth, Kansas) – At the individual’s request, Kanza has access and transportation available to assist individuals in need of short-term care and stabilization to the crisis stabilization unit in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Available Crisis Services:

  • Screening and Risk Assessment 

  • Crisis Therapy

  • Mobile Crisis Response

  • Crisis Case Management

  • Crisis Stabilization

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