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Hope for a Healthier Tomorrow

We are KANZA and we are here to support you and your mental wellness. 

Kanza has been serving clients since 1963.  Our core mission has always been to help clients learn to positively and effectively cope with life’s difficulties, demands, pressures, and perceptions.

While our core mission remains the same, the factors that impact mental health have changed significantly. Everything from how we define family and role expectations, to instant access to information on the internet, and the fact that others have access to huge amounts of personal data about us online have all evolved since 1963.  Additionally, what is also seeing a radical shift is our sense of security and stability as the result of economic pressures, increased violence, and most recently a world-wide pandemic.


One of the more positive changes that has happened since 1963 is the evolution of how society views mental health. People have moved from viewing mental health as something that is stigmatized and that we don’t talk about,  to recognizing it is as important as physical health when it comes to quality of life. Society is beginning to embrace an openness about the fact that most individuals deal with a mental health event at some point in their life.

As our clients’ needs have changed, Kanza’s professional, caring staff have embraced new ways to meet our clients where they are. We now offer opportunities like telehealth, a therapy dog, and more presence in the schools to meet the needs of children.  We care about improving our clients lives and further illuminating the benefit of robust mental health services.  We believe recovery is a process and is possible with the right support.

We hope you join us on our path, either as a client when we can help, or as a community supporter or a donor when you can help.  Together, let’s keep the evolution going!



Jackie Feathers
Chief Executive Officer, LCPC

785-742-7113 ext. 208




Courtney Wolvington, LSCSW
Director of Community Support Services

785-742-7113 ext. 110




Michael Knight, MD
Medical Director






Sierra Renner
Director of Operations

785-742-7113 ext. 218




Binod Tripathee
Director of Health Information Management

785-742-7113 ext. 102



Lanie Guynn.jpg

Lanie Guynn
Clinical Project Director, LSCSW

785-742-7113 ext. 209



Shelby Photo.jpeg

Shelby Donahoo
Director of Finance

785-742-7113 ext. 137




Karen Baker.jpg

Karen Baker, LCMFT
Hiawatha Office

Copy of Copy of KANZA (2).png


WIN_20230315_17_11_25_Pro (2)_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Nicole Washburn, LMSW
Crisis Services Manager 
Televideo Office

Al Bales.jpg

Al Bales, LSCSW
Holton and Hiawatha Offices

Simone McDonald.jpg

Simone McDonald, LMSW
Holton Office

Copy of KANZA.png

D.J. Byrd, LCPC
Televideo Office

Ryan Smalley.jpg

Ryan Smalley, LMLP
Holton Office


Diane Mangold, LSCSW
Hiawatha and Troy Office

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